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NNG at AEK 2022 Demo Resources

If you missed us at AEK 2022, you can still access all the demo resources from the event. Download the materials at the link.


28 Jun, 2022

NNG Demo Video 2022


Watch our demos from our 2022 events tour.

NNG iGO.Live | A cost-effective EV-first mobility platform | Map Data On-Demand


Rethinking Navigation for Today’s Connected World. The key to supporting future innovation in location-based mobility services, is overcoming the limitations of traditional data storage and map updates solutions.

NNG iGO.AR | Augmented Reality Lane-Level Guidance


In collaboration with Artisense and HERE, NNG demonstrates augmented reality lane-level guidance. The green chevrons represent the calculated lane-level route path, the yellow arrows the instruction to return to the correct lane, and the red line marks the lane boundary. 

NNG TPEG2-EAW Emergency Alerts and Warnings with NNG iGO.AR


In conjunction with the German BBK and TISA, NNG has developed a TPEG-based solution that provides public emergency warnings to travelers in real-time. 

NNG TPEG3-EVA Emergency Vehicle Approaching


NNG's new TPEG-based Emergency Vehicle Approaching solutions use the NNG Advanced Co-Driver client to deliver instructions to the driver based on emergency scenarios predefined by public authorities.

NNG iGO.AHEAD and Mobileye Sensor Data and Map Fusion | Overview


This animation gives a high-level overview of how iGO.AHEAD fuses Mobileye's sensor data is with base map layers to provide a map data solution suitable for ISA and other ADAS use cases.

NNG iGO.AHEAD | Cloud-based ADAS & ISA Data Delivery Platform


An adaptable and cost-effective answer to evolving safety legislation.


iGO.LIVE | EV-First Mobility Platform

iGO.AR | Augmented Reality Lane-Level Guidance

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