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Map Updates

The freshest data, as often as you need.

Phone-Based and On-Demand

Country, Region, and Home Zone

Cloud-Based and Contextual

Total Flexibility

Delivering the latest map data is critical to enabling the location-based systems of the software-defined vehicle. It’s also vital to the infotainment user experience of drivers, whether in ultra-low-cost markets – with limited feature sets, or the premium – loaded with advanced driver assistance systems.

NNG Map Updates overcome connectivity gaps, providing solutions for vehicles with no or low cellular service, as well as those fully connected, giving you true freedom to customize your map update schedule to brand, model, and market.

Phone-Based and On-Demand

Give control to your customer. Our phone-based map updates solution is a simple, customizable, and brandable app-based solution for unconnected or low-cost connected markets that lets drivers transfer maps to their vehicles on demand and at the touch of a button.


Country, Region, and Home Zone

Determine your own schedule. Whether country, region, or home-zone-only maps, get offline fleet content delivered seamlessly in the background, over the air, and at the cadence you desire. Contextual version control and partial map delivery provide bandwidth- and storage-efficient updates, with no driver interaction required.


Cloud-Based and Contextual

Stream on the go. With most storage and compute-heavy map elements handled server-side, innovative map-tile and route-path streaming significantly reduce data load. Contextual caching, with optional cellular-data coverage prediction, provides a seamless offline fallback.


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