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NNG Contributes to ADASIS v3.1.0 for map-enhanced driver assistance leading to automated driving

ADASIS v3.1.0 – A Standard That Brings Map Data to Automated Driving


26 Nov, 2020

Yesterday, ERTICO announced the ADASIS v3.1.0 specification for map-enhanced advanced driver assistance systems. This version of the spec brings functionality tailored to automated driving.

For the last 2 years, NNG has a been an active, contributing member of the WG2 core ADASIS group, bringing our expertise with in-vehicle navigation, intelligent transport systems, and technology standardization to the project.

NNG Director of Advanced Automotive Technology, Andras Csepinszky, leads the NNG team involved in the project.

As the automotive industry gradually moves away from navigation as a commodity to navigation as an underlying and enabling technology, projects such as this are vital to show the real value navigation expertise has to offer the future of automated driving.

- Andras Csepinszky, NNG Director of Advanced Automotive Technology

ADASIS v3.1.0 is already being actively tested in the Japanese Government’s, SIP-adus project for self-driving vehicles.

Read the official press release on the ADASIS website here.

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