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Built for all, optimized for electric.

Always fresh and easy to scale.

Built for All, Optimized for Electric

Always Fresh Maps

Tailored Services

Striking Visualization

Navigation Reimagined

NNG iGO goes beyond pure navigation to offer a modular location-based platform designed to scale flexibly to your mobility needs. Optimized for electric vehicles and built from the ground up to adapt to changing connectivity use-cases, NNG iGO can be easily customized to create branded driver experiences, from the offline to the fully connected.

Ready to Deploy

Custom Connectivity

Scalable Mobility

Built for All, Optimized for Electric

An EV-first approach creates an unparalleled driver experience that eliminates range anxiety while offering ecological benefits for vehicles with internal combustion engines and hybrid-electric powertrains.



Intelligent Routing

Deep integration allows for optimized routing based on driver behavior, fuel or charge consumption, and engine or powertrain type.


Range Prediction and Display

Real-time range estimation, on and offline warnings, and sophisticated visualization eliminate anxiety and let you plan for speed, economy, or emission reduction.


Onboard and Online Services

Find compatible charging and fuel stations on route, at the right time, and handle booking and payment in app.

Always Fresh Maps

From vehicles with no or low cellular service to the fully connected, we have map update solutions to meet any use case.

Phone-Based and On-Demand

Ditch the USB and sneaker network. Update onboard maps with a smartphone in a few simple clicks. Perfect for offline vehicles.

Country, Region, and Home Zone

Over-the-air updates with custom scheduling. Get seamless, efficient, background map updates – anywhere.

Cloud-Based and Contextual

Streamed maps, cellular coverage prediction, and seamless offline fallback. Update only what’s needed for the road ahead.


Tailored Services

Avoid getting locked into specific providers. A broad, independent portfolio of third-party and pre-integrated services lets you select the features you really need.

Online Search

Find your way with one-box search and the latest in 3-word addressing systems, supported by the freshest POI information.

Real-Time Data

Keep on top of the latest in traffic and weather, easily find fuel and charging stations, and take the hassle out of the last mile with live on and off-street parking.

Live Alerts and Warnings

Stay aware on the road with fixed and temporary speed camera alerts, danger zone warnings, and emergency situation updates.


Striking Visualization

Create seamless in-vehicle experiences with a display that is optimized for safety and comfort, while still allowing for full customization to meet your brand, model, and trim requirements.

High Performance UX

3D visualization of landscapes, buildings, and points of interest for immersive driver experiences.

Custom User Interfaces

Intuitive default layouts, map schemes, and customizable HMI skins reduce cost and time to market.

Multi-Display Support

Relax with a simple, effective, and easily customized single-map user interface, which can adapt to deploy across multiple screens with no display limit or loss of resolution.


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