NNG enhances its OEM offering with what3words

NNG drives OEMs into the future of navigation with innovative addressing system what3words

Budapest and London, July 22nd, 2021. Today, NNG announces that it has integrated what3words into iGO, NNG’s navigation engine, allowing automakers to offer what3words as an optional in-car navigation feature. This means, millions of drivers in enabled vehicles could have the ability to get directions to any precise 3 meter location, using just three words.

NNG, a global leading automotive software provider, develops smart, secure, and connected mobility solutions for use cases from the cockpit to the cloud. With these solutions, automakers and suppliers can easily integrate and manage both embedded, and new cloud-based applications and services, which meet the safety, convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world.

what3words is an innovative addressing system that has given every 3-meter square in the world a three-word identifier: a what3words address. For example, the entrance to NNG’s headquarters in Budapest can be found at ///richly.smallest.curated. what3words provides a really simple way for people to communicate locations where street addresses are inadequate or not accurate enough, such as specific building entrances, parking spots, electric vehicle charge points, and unmarked roads.

Street addresses aren’t built for 2021. They can be long, complicated, and time-consuming to enter into car navigation systems. They aren’t always accurate enough to point to a specific place, and can result in laps around the block and phone calls saying, ‘I think I’m here, but I’m still not sure where I need to be’.

what3words addresses eliminate these issues. Because what3words addresses are much more accurate than street addresses, drivers of enabled vehicles will be able to navigate to the right destination, the first time every time. Unlike regular street addresses, which can, in some countries, be duplicated, every what3words address is unique, helping to minimize errors and get drivers exactly where they want to go. With market-leading voice accuracy, what3words addresses can be entered either by text or voice just like a regular street address or point of interest.

This means that route planning is more precise, time and fuel can be saved in the journey’s last mile, and ETAs become more accurate.

Heikki Laine, NNG Chief Marketing Officer said;


This integration perfectly fits our mission of easing automakers’ ability to differentiate their offerings by providing them with independent access to the latest innovations in navigation and mobility. From locating reserved charging spots for electric vehicles to finding a specific loading bay at a busy trucking depot, partnering with what3words lets us offer our customers a solution that can radically improve driver experience for these, and many other use cases.

Chris Sheldrick co-founder of what3words adds;


We’re really excited to be working with NNG, who are highly regarded for bringing innovative in-car experiences to market. With what3words available through NNG, our precise address system can be deployed easily and effectively in millions of vehicles around the world. It will allow us both to fulfil an increasing demand from automakers and mobility services looking to offer drivers a better, more seamless navigation experience.

Find your what3words address here.

NNG and what3words partner to offer highly accurate vehicle navigation experiences

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