Heikki Laine is the new Chief Marketing Officer at NNG

A new Chief Marketing Officer has joined NNG, the global automotive software house. Heikki Laine’s main focus will be on competitive strategy, product planning, and portfolio management. The new chief has more than 15 years of experience in the navigation products market.

 The NNG team expands its professional knowledge in several areas with the appointment of Heikki Laine: he has previous experience as a talented engineer, technology strategist, and registered patent attorney. He represents perspectives and knowledge that will help identify and develop quality products to create value for NNG’s customers and partners.

With more than 15 years of product and strategic experience in startups and Fortune 100 companies behind him, Laine demonstrated his expertise in driving innovation and digital transformation. Before joining NNG, he developed simulation software for self-driving vehicles as Vice President of Product and Marketing at Cognata. Prior to that, he worked on Honeywell’s aerospace portfolio and had spent more than 10 years at HARMAN, where he managed automotive product strategy.


I’m thrilled to join NNG and its leadership team at such an exciting time in its evolution. I look forward to working with such a remarkable team and to accelerating company growth, as we continue to define the future of automotive software said Heikki Laine about his appointment.
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CMO Heikki Laine

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