Mazda Case Study

The Mazda CONNECT system is an award-winning, state-of-the-art infotainment system produced for Mazda 3 vehicles worldwide. The system offers a comprehensive entertainment solution with a revolutionary look and feel that is seamlessly integrated according to Mazda's system components and user expectations.


NNG was tasked with designing and implementing a next-generation navigation HMI to fit into the Mazda CONNECT infotainment system specifications. The primary HMI objective was to minimize visual, cognitive, and manual distractions while employing a 3-option-control method for initiating commands: voice, touch, and rotary controller.

Seamless integration into the infotainment system, full interoperability with all components, and the development of a separate-but-synchronized stack flow were integral for Mazda. All functions had to be available via touchscreen and multi-controller. 

What We Delivered

The MZD CONNECT solution was optimized for touchscreen and multi-controller use, both of which can be operated independently and entirely at the user’s discretion. All functions can be further controlled through voice-recognition, offering multiple options not only for customer satisfaction, but also driver safety. As a result, this navigation solution has become an organic part of the Mazda HMI ecosystem – with complete synchronization between the hardware and the software – and has received a positive response from the market. The Mazda 3 has even won several awards around the world.

This was one of NNG’s first truly global line-fit projects, as it was present on every major continent. NNG’s global and customizable one-technology solution enabled Mazda to have the same cosmetic look and feel in every region, while incorporating fully localized customization when needed. One such example is address search workflow, which differs based on usage habits and regional content and category structures.

NNG's own HMI engine was developed in iterations and in close cooperation with our partners. The HMI design concept evolved during the course of the project and was refined according to development research, partner feedback, and past experience.

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Key Features

Embedded Connected Services

The Mazda CONNECT system delivers connected navigation throughout Europe, delivering: Live Weather, Live Traffic, Local Search, Fuel prices, Connectivity in the head-unit is enabled through smartphone connection.

Full 3D Navigation

With a greater attention to detail, drivers have a more accurate sense of the world around them.

Head-up Display (HUD)

Lets the driver follow directions and command the interface without taking their eyes completely off the road. This reduces driver distraction and improves road safety for all.

Enhanced Electronic Toll Gate Handling

Allows the driver to pay automatically. The navigation system creates routes based on card availability and highlights which lanes to use.

Speed-Based User Interface Lock For Safety

Prohibits some data entry functionality of the navigation system above a certain speed, while allowing other passengers the freedom to operate it.

Text-To-Speech And Voice Recognition

With speed-based UI safety lock, this provides the driver with a safe and effective way to command the navigation system through voice recognition. A hands-free input method makes driving and navigating safer and easier.

The Outcome

Based on the success of the Mazda 3 project, we have been awarded with new projects through the cooperation of our Tier1 partner and are now Mazda’s leading navigation supplier worldwide.