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Our success would not be possible without the hard work of a range of people working in a variety of business units. We have talented and experienced specialists who work in software development, sales, account management, customer relations, marketing, law, and more. We invite anyone who has the skills and the mindset to succeed in a fast paced and global work environment to apply at NNG.

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Develop the future of the driving experience

Improve yourself by working with the industry’s best professionals

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Why Join NNG?

Not just a workplace, but a place for ideas

We created an outstanding, modern, and cozy work environment that supports daily tasks, brainstorming and developing activities. In our offices, you can enjoy state-of-the-art office design as well as a stunning view of the cities where we are located.

Time and place for everything

We know that creativity and inspiration can come outside of the office. We also know that hard work requires well deserved relaxation. At NNG you can participate in many sports and gaming opportunities, Family Days, company parties, team building activities, and even volunteer programs. There are plenty of options to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind, and some of them are best when shared!

Work with bright minds

Our office is full of fun, inspiring people who come to us with years of experience, lots of knowledge, or both. Not only does this benefit us as a company, but it benefits you as well! We foster as much collaboration as possible, so you'll be around people who are at the top of their game in their respective fields, whether it’s programming, sales, or marketing. We're sure that you'll get the most from interacting with our truly diverse network of colleagues.




Excellent work environment in our offices around the world


Medical coverage


A range of benefits to choose from, including discount cards, food cards, and others


Sports and gaming opportunities


The opportunity of working abroad for several weeks


Unlimited coffee and tea to keep you charged

Meet Our Team


Meet our Team at NNG


Szabolcs Almási, Engineering Manager


Meet Our Team at NNG


Daniel Harrison, Content Marketing Manager

What We Are Looking For

Willingness To Learn

Passionate People

Commitment To Finding New Solutions

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