Jaguar Land Rover Case Study - Japan

We at NNG, looking to expand our market footprint and to prove our expertise in the navigation industry, took on the challenge of developing a fully localized navigation solution that would be taken seriously both by Japanese drivers and OEMs. We partnered with JLR and created a cutting-edge solution for the all-new 2016 Jaguars in Japan.


Japan is considered by many to be the most mature and difficult navigation market in the world, which is a challenge for all Western companies to enter and perform to meet the local expectations. With an infinite amount of country specific features, we took on the challenge and developed a solution that could be taken seriously by the market, and so it happened that NNG became the first Western navigation company to develop and launch a factory-installed solution on this specific market.

What We Delivered

We have created a reliable and advanced solution for the Japanese market that combines many of today’s most crucial technological innovations and the great user experience that today’s drivers demand. As the Tier1 in the project, we were asked to fulfill an aggressive go-to-market timeline, and we answered that call in spades.

We at NNG believe that, if we can adapt to – and be successful – in Japan, probably most challenging of all regions, we have the potential to be successful in all areas of the globe in creating products that make both drivers and our partners truly satisfied. We are proud to be the first Western navigation company to develop and launch a factory-installed solution, and we will continue to prove our worth for the journeys that matter.

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