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Tricks and tips to boost your EVs range (part 2)

Advanced Techniques for Maximizing Mileage


18 Jul, 2023

Electric vehicles are incredibly popular nowadays and understanding them is key to unlocking their full potential. Building upon the foundational knowledge we shared in our previous blog post, we will now explore a range of other techniques that will expand your understanding in maximizing the potential of your electric vehicle's range.

Harness the knowledge acquired from our previous blog post and amplify its impact by incorporating these additional tips:

Give your battery some much needed care!

Taking care of your EVs battery pack will pay serious dividends down the line. The most important factor is charging: if possible, do not charge the batteries to 100% too often, as this could degrade their capacity. The best you can do is to stop charging around 80% and only go for a full charge if you’re planning a longer journey. In most EVs you can define a preset charging limit – set it at 80% and your car will thank you in the long run.

Also, pre-condition the batteries before you start charging – some EVs offer such a feature. This means essentially pre-heating the battery before starting the charging process, making the transfer of energy more efficient, cutting down on the amount of time you will spend at the charger.

Go with the flow!

The biggest enemy of an EVs range is drag – or poor aerodynamic efficiency. Keep that in mind and avoid adding extra items to your car’s exterior. That means saying goodbye to aftermarket spoilers and mirrors, as well as removing roof racks or bicycle racks from your car when you don’t need them. Also, if possible, keep windows pulled up as the airflow entering the car’s interior will also increase drag, and thereby decrease your available range.

Pump it up!

You can further support your EVs range by tending to your tires. An overinflated tire can be dangerous as it reduces the surface area where the tire meets the road, also it can be more prone to a puncture or a blowout, while an underinflated tire increases drag, that eats up your range.

Keep in mind though that most EVs are heavier than their ICE counterparts, which means the tire wear will be more significant. This is bad news for the environment as well as this means more particles breaking off from the tire itself. Luckily some manufacturers have already developed tires specifically designed for use on EVs, so it might be a good idea to invest in a set for your vehicle.

Also, it is important to note that the bigger your wheels, the bigger your rolling resistance, so it might be wise to opt for a smaller rim instead of a flashy bigger one.


Most EVs have several drive modes you can choose from – usually Eco, Normal and Sport or similar. If you can, opt for the Eco setting that usually means the lowest consumption and the highest level of recuperation. On certain models you can also find an ECO+ setting, although that is pretty much a last resort, if you’re almost running on empty, as this usually greatly decreases performance and thermal comfort.

On that note, in almost all electric vehicles you can manually select the level of recuperation. While this is usually decreased when you’re driving on an almost full charge, it is wise to select the highest possible level when you’re using your EV in its optimal range, that is between 20% and 80% of charge. Also, if your EV has the letter B on its gearbox, use that instead of the D setting. While D means drive, B means battery, that offers a higher level of recuperation when coasting or breaking.

Navigate smarter!

As you can see there are factors that can seriously eat into your EVs range. The good news is that if you’re using NNG’s iGO navigation solutions, you can take advantage of several functions that will contribute to balance your energy consumption.

The eco-friendly guidance and routing options take into account your car’s consumption when planning your route, while also keeping in mind that you want to reach your destination as fast as possible, with minimal disruptions or extra stopovers needed for an extra charging session.

While NNG’s deep powertrain integrated solution not only increases the accuracy of battery depletion.

With these advanced techniques at your disposal, you now have the tools to push the boundaries of your EV's range without sacrificing optimal performance and comfort. Remember, every kilometer counts, and your commitment to maximizing your EV's range contributes to a greener future. Enjoy the extended drives, explore new destinations, and revel in the thrill of longer journeys powered by clean energy.

Now it's time to hit the road with confidence. Drive safe, embrace the joy of sustainable mobility, and continue to unlock the true potential of your EV.

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