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Stylishly Contemporary Navigation in Classic Porsche Models

Stylish, state-of-the-art navigation, in a fully analogue Porsche instrumentation panel, impossible? Not so! Read on to find out how we do it.


10 Feb, 2023

Porsche, one of the most famous German automobile manufacturers, enjoys large-scale recognition among car enthusiasts, most probably without exception. However, opinions differ as to which of the Zuffenhausen-based car maker’s models are the best. Some prefer the early 911s, while others praise the particularly rare 959s, and even the newer models equipped with water-cooled engines have their own devoted fans. These models, however, share some common characteristics, including a dashboard with a set of rounded instruments, in most of them the ignition key placed on the left, and many of them lack on-board navigation. Luckily, the latter is no longer a problem, as the manufacturer now provides a navigation device – running NNG’s advanced software solution – that can be simply and stylishly fitted into the dashboard of almost every old Porsche model.

Back to the 60s

Debuted in 2015, the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) system is a standard DIN-1 head unit, which is fully compatible with all classic Porsche cars manufactured by the German car maker between 1965 and 1995. PCCM has a very attractive look, one cannot even notice it on the dashboard at first sight.

Bringing the younger generation into focus

The 3.5-inch color touchscreen has been optimized to display the graphics of the NNG-developed navigation software in excellent quality. In addition to simple, old-fashioned route guidance (turn right, go straight ahead), the state-of-the-art software offers advanced 2D and 3D visualization. The 8 GB microSD card provided by the car maker can store a detailed full Europe map which, when updated in regular intervals, always offers you the latest map information.

PCCM comes with an additional 4 GB microSD card, where you can store your favorite music files, and which perfectly fits into the other slot of the device. The device can be controlled via the touchscreen display, as well as via three buttons and one rotary pushbutton control on each side.

The radio receiver is designed to receive AM/FM radio in excellent quality even with the old-fashioned radio telescopes of classic cars, and the available functions also include DAB+ digital radio support. Equipped with a 4 x 45 W amplifier, the head unit can directly connect to the car’s speakers, moreover, PCCM is capable of networking with the vehicle’s original sound system as well.

In addition to Apple CarPlay screen mirroring, the integrated and external microphones offer hands-free control of your mobile phone, and the external media box also provides an interface for USB and AUX.

Porsche and NNG are committed to satisfy drivers

Porsche and NNG are committed to similarly satisfy drivers who want a subsequently integrated state-of-the-art navigation solution in their Youngtimers, produced after the late 90s. PCCM Plus was developed especially for the owners of the 986 and 996 models, rolled off the production line between 1997 and 2005.

Featuring NNG’s advanced navigation software, this system comes with a 7-inch display and DIN-2 slot to bring you substantially easier function control and better rendering of visual information.

In addition to a touchscreen display, PCCM Plus offers a set of useful functions, including Android Auto support and, similar to PCCM, Apple CarPlay.

Similar experience without compromising the stylish interior

With only a tiny bit of exaggeration, one can say that the fans of Oldtimers can enjoy a similarly remarkable user experience to the one you find in the latest Porsche models equipped with cutting-edge display (for example, the all-electric sports car Taycan). This means drivers with a penchant for the classic older style vehicle interior can still enjoy all the features of modern navigation, thanks to NNG.

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