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NNG Future Vision | Intelligent Interiors | Tired? Let’s Stop for a Coffee

Unified intelligent interiors look to be the future of in-vehicle user experience. But just how intelligent will they be?


25 Sep, 2019

This month’s six-word short story continues our look at future automotive user experiences. Unified intelligent interiors can offer unique driver and passenger experiences. They also offer vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to experiment with new revenue and business models. What will an intelligent interior look like and how will we interact with it?

Intelligent interiors will improve personalization

Current in-vehicle user experiences are split across multiple hardware units, often using different software. This makes it difficult to offer integrated and holistic user experiences.

With the rise of smartphones and digital ecosystems, consumers are increasingly expecting to see that level of interaction in other digital areas of their lives. As cars become further connected and digitalized OEMs must consider how they are going to support these sorts of consumer demands.

Of course, there are trade-offs to be made as service goes up against safety. But what is clear is that the era of disjointed user experiences, clunky and outmoded interfaces, and inferior services is coming to an end.

There is a definite trend toward convergence in the vehicle interior. This is happening both in-vehicle UX and in ECU development. Despite this, interior vehicle UX design can still be siloed with one team working on one area such as the cluster, and another – sometimes at a completely different supplier – working on the head unit.

What is needed is a tool that allows for seamless design and implementation of user experience over a variety of different hardware. Something platform-agnostic and customiza


“Tired? Let’s stop for a coffee.”

In this six-word short story, the driver/passenger has been using their vehicle’s autonomous features as they’ve become fatigued. The vehicle is nearing a portion of the journey where the driver will need to take back control. Sensors within the vehicle have recognized that the driver is fatigued, and the car recommends a location to stop for a break.

This sort of scenario is not feasible without a unified and intelligent interior. Sensors, navigation, head-up display (HUD) and many other features must work together seamlessly to offer this kind of user experience.

With current in-vehicle architecture, this sort of service is limited to concept vehicles and perhaps high-end performance vehicles where cost is less of an issue. Finding a way to bring the domains of the vehicle interior together is vital to the future of good user experience.

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