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NNG Future Vision | Data Streaming | Charging Lane is Available. Recalculating Route

A six-word short story exploring the future of navigation and infotainment in an electrified world.


18 Jul, 2019

This post is the third in a series of short, six-word stories designed as thought starters. Each story explores a different element of NNG’s expertise: Automotive Cyber Security, Vehicle User Experience, and Location-Based Services.

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Data streaming and connectivity is changing how we drive

We are living on the verge of a revolution in how we perceive data connectivity. From constellations of satellites (broadening reach and backhaul provision for domestic suppliers) to connectivity enabled smart cities and infrastructure, data access is set to become global, and cheap.

Ubiquitous, cheap data access will further fuel the rise of the internet of things. This opens a whole host of potential use-cases. For instance, innovation in data streaming technology for navigation is driving innovation in advanced driver assistance systems and infotainment navigation. Low-cost data is especially interesting to the automotive industry where margins are tight, and costs are scrupulously controlled.


“Charging lane is available. Recalculating route.”

In this six-word story, the driver is on a highway that offers a charging lane, allowing their vehicle to charge as they drive. The infotainment system’s navigation, receiving map data streaming from the cloud, recognizes that the highway has a charging lane. Detecting a low charge, the vehicle redirects the driver to the charging lane on the fly. Payment would be handled automatically via the driver’s personal cloud-based profile.

This kind of feature is a logical leap from current technologies. Electrified roads are already in existence, and where sensor data doesn’t exist to notify of a charging lane, up-to-date map data can pick up the slack. Bringing standard cloud-based profiles into connected vehicles would allow for an element of personalisation, even in a shared vehicle.

At NNG, we pride ourselves on our navigation and infotainment expertise. If you’d like to know more about our solutions or would like to discuss these topics further, contact us here.

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