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Navigate smarter: how navigation software can help you save fuel – and the environment

In today’s world, despite fuel prices going through the roof and people getting more and more anxious because of climate change, it is getting easier to save petrol.


25 Nov, 2022

In today’s world, despite fuel prices going through the roof and people getting more and more anxious because of climate change, it is getting easier to save petrol. This benefit is being driven by advances in embedded vehicle navigation which is helping drivers save money and contribute to the environment at the same time.

ICE cars are here to stay for a while despite the increasing CO2 reduction commitments

According to the World Economic Forum, motor vehicles account for about 75% of the total CO2-emissions deriving from transportation. While there are an increasing number of countries and continents where the sales of ICE (internal combustion engine) cars will soon end, the world still has hundreds of millions of CO2-emitting cars on the road, and many of them are here to stay for a while (the average (!) age of cars in Central and Eastern Europe is about 14-15 years).

Would an eco-conscious navigation software be a mid-term solution?

Now for the good news: eco-conscious navigation software developers, such as NNG have been working on some nifty features that allow motorists to consider the environment even as they are driving. While other navigation providers focus either only on the time of their journey when planning a route, or on any related costs (highway tolls, ferry fees, etc.), our engineers have come up with a novel method to provide not only these options, but also to allow for maximum fuel efficiency – ergo minimum fuel costs – when planning your route.


How does iGO take care of your fuel consumption?

Finding the most eco-friendly way to your next destination, our navigation software doesn’t only consider the fuel consumption of cars on rural or urban roads, but also takes into account the significant increase in consumption when driving on rural roads where fuel is used close to the optimum., It also considers when driving on highways, the increase of drag on your car’s appetite, or driving through cities with heavy traffic – the frequent acceleration and braking are detrimental to your cars efficiency (unless you’re driving an electric vehicle, but more on that another time).

NNG’s road network databases contain a treasure trove of navigation information, from precise coordinates through to average speeds for a given road segment –and their connections to the greater network of roads in the region you’re travelling through. Based on all that, if the car’s fuel consumption is known, then emissions and fuel costs can be calculated with the environment in mind – that is, by selecting route options that allow you to drive your car with the least amount of unnecessary stopping or slowing down, or taking detours that would decrease the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

You do have a greener option when driving. GO for it!

While reaching your destination fast is a popular option for motorists, environmentally conscious drivers have to realize that a route that allows for high speeds or a route that enables a car to cover the given distance in the least amount of time are often not the same as a route that lets you drive your car while minimizing your impact on the environment.

This doesn’t mean, you will be stuck on dirt roads, overtaking tractors, and avoiding rural wildlife as you inch closer to your destination at the speed of a sleepy snail. By considering the average fuel consumption – and the related emissions – of a vehicle, as well as the time it takes to cover a particular road segment, we are able to present you with a route that lets you enjoy the scenery – and protect it.

Ensure you’re ready for the road ahead with NNG. Let’s go.

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