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Vehicles have become increasingly computerized, and their Electronic Control Units (ECUs) control most of their functionality. In addition, today’s vehicles are also connected to their surroundings using various interfaces. Some are wireless, such as cellular, Bluetooth, Wifi, and TPMS, and others are wired, such as OBD-II. All this means improved functionality, but it also exposes the vehicles to cyber security threats. Just like any other connected computerized system, vehicles can also be hacked, and the results can be fatal. We have the solution to keep drivers safe.

Our Products

Parallel Intrusion Prevention System

The revolutionary Parallel Intrusion Prevention System (PIPS) is the first solution on the market that protects the entire vehicle network from a single point. The technology analyzes every messages sent on the bus in real time utilizing biometrics, like source detection capabilities with Deep Packet Inspection. PIPS intercepts fake messages originated by a hijacked ECU, and can even prevent sending authorized messages from an unauthorized ECU.

PIPS multilayered security approach encompasses the vehicle with four protection layers designed to hermetically isolate the vehicle from the attacker. Each protection layer acts as a gatekeeper, hence only authorized messages can be sent over the vehicle's network. 

PIPS handles any type of malicious communication automatically and in real-time, keeping the driver safe and connected. 


PIPS Key Features:

  • Parallel integration anywhere on the network
  • Source Detection based on physical signal characteristic of the sending ECU
  • Real-time interception of malicious messages
  • Zero latency operation
  • Logs and reports
  • Optional integration with the OEM security dashboard

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Software IDPS Line Fit Solution

Security is an important part in the design and implementation of vehicles. Arilou’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) can be integrated in the vehicle as SECURITY GATEWAY at the network gateway, or as SECURITY AGENT at the relevant endpoints (ECUs). In both cases, the integration can be done by porting the security module into the existing systems, or by utilizing an independent security ECU.

Security Gateway

When integrated into a gateway, the SECURITY GATEWAY can prevent propagation of attacks from one network segment to others. This approach requires only a single point of integration, but requires suitable network topology to obtain a sufficient level of security.

Security Agent

When integrated into an endpoint ECU, the SECURITY AGENT can mitigate any attack that originates from this endpoint, making sure the attack is contained at the endpoint level. The integration of the security module is done at each of the ECUs which are potential attack vectors into the network.

Software IDPS Key features


  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection
  • Correlations
  • Context-aware stateful operation


  • Firewalling capabilities
  • Denial-of-Service


  • Message signature or encryption
  • ECU Authentication

Logging and reporting of security event and anomalies.


Optional integration with the OEM security dashboard.

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Benefits Of Working With Us


Arilou brings to the market the most advanced and comprehensive suite of Automotive Cyber Security solutions. Our dedicated team of Cyber experts constantly develops new technologies that will keep your vehicles one step ahead of hackers.

Multiple Deployment Topologies

Our in-vehicle Intrusion Detection and Prevention Suite offers flexible implementation modes tailored to the OEM’s needs and environment. This gives you, the OEM, the option to select one technology that will be customized into your complete portfolio.

Platform Agnostic

Our Cyber Security solutions support any combination of hardware and software used in the industry, which makes it easy to integrate in different environments.

Independent Provider

We’re not tied to a big supply chain network, so we can work with any provider. This gives you the freedom to build a solution that best will best protect your customers from cyber threats.

OEMs and Tier-1s

Stay ahead of the hackers, protect your customers, and strengthen the value of your brand. Since 2012, we have worked closely with OEMs and Tier 1s. We speak your language, we understand your purchasing process, and most importantly, we understand your cyber security needs and your barriers.


Enhance your product with an additional layer of security. Be it an aftermarket telematics system, an infotainment system, or dongle-based service, we can help you mitigate the security threats and differentiate from your competition.

About Arilou

At Arilou, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest threat of the connected automotive revolution. CYBER ATTACKS! While vehicle connectivity is becoming more and more common, our mission is to provide the automotive industry with cutting edge cyber security products for the connected car. Since our establishment in 2012, we’ve been researching and developing cyber security solutions dedicated to the automotive environment. Our ex-military personnel are embedded mission critical cyber security experts, experienced in developing high-end cyber security solutions to the most complicated systems in the reliable way.

Arilou is a pioneering automotive cyber security company. Today we provide the most innovative and comprehensive technology that will protect your customers from the next cyber-attack, and will prevent monetary and reputation damage to your brand.

In 2016 Arilou was acquired by NNG, a leading automotive software provider. Together we enable the connected car revolution.

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