作为 NNG,我们希望世界上的每个人都能享受通过导航及信息娱乐,从而使日常生活变得更加简单、安全、愉悦。我们的技术缩短了人们的距离,指引人们在道路上行驶,帮助他们探索周围的世界。这将成就更安全、更智能、更具互动性的驾驶体验。

Meet Our Leaders

Meet Our Leaders

David Wiernik


As President and co-founder of NNG, David was one of the first path-finders of the GPS industry. He successfully oversaw the first full 3D digital mapping of Israel. Among his many business pursuits, he operates two international marketing companies for aviation products and engines.  

Kobi Halperin


In 2002, Kobi founded GPS & More Ltd. together with his business partner, David Wiernik with the aim of bringing the world of navigation to Israel. In 2004, he and David established NNG along with Hungarian partners.  Kobi  


Chris Greentree


As CEO, Chris leverages a solid background in mechanical and software engineering, plus two decades in marketing, sales, and business development, to identify opportunities to build value for NNG’s partners. Both a real car person, and a coder at heart, Chris uses these passions to place himself in the minds of engineers, developers, and consumers. He believes understanding all stakeholder


Mihály Szabó


Mihály brings a business and strategy focused mindset to his role as CFO at NNG. Building upon more than 20 years’ experience in Finance leadership roles. Skilled in strategy management, international business and operations, cross border mergers and acquisitions, business planning, and international accounting, Mihaly provides strong financial expertise and leadership to the company.

Heikki Laine


As Chief Marketing Officer at NNG, Heikki focuses on competitive strategy, product planning, and portfolio management. A multi-talented engineer, technology strategist, and registered patent attorney, he identifies and develops quality products that create, capture, and deliver value for NNG’s customers and partners. With over 15 years’ product and strategy experience, Heikki has proven


Dr. Karl-Heinz Glander

SVP Global Engineering

As Senior Vice President Global Engineering, Karl-Heinz brings 20 years of Engineering Leadership experience from the automotive industry. He is an expert in leading large software development teams in a global environment as well as the most up-to-date automotive technologies. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Bonn, Germany. His focus is to grow globally and develop further


Dr. Martin Pfeifle


As CTO, Martin guides NNG’s technological development and innovation programs. He is well-recognized throughout the automotive industry, and as a founding father of the Navigation Data Standard, he is an expert in both navigation, and its applications for automated driving. With wide academic and industry experience, Martin brings knowledge of how the latest automotive technologies can impact


Dr. Kristóf Baltay


As CHRO, Kristóf has an economy and psychology education background. Kristóf is a seasoned business executive with over 25 year’s international experience in Automotive, IT-Telecom, Energy, Financial Services and Consulting industries. Well exposed to family owned, private equity as well as fortune 500 company environment & culture. He has a proven track record in operational business


Éva Kerecsen

General Counsel

Eva is an experienced legal professional with a demonstrated history of working within the computer software industry. As NNG’s General Counsel she is a proactive leader, heading the Legal Department which provides its services to the entirety of NNG and its subsidiaries. In addition to day-to-day management of the legal team, Eva leads and participates in the formation of company policy


Gavin Donkin

SVP Business Transformation and Operations

Gavin is Senior Vice President of Business Transformation and Operations. With over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry – from guiding product development and strategy, to engineering globalization, organization design, and customer management – Gavin uses his holistic understanding of the industry to help guide NNG’s transition from a pure navigation company to a provider of


Zoltán Nagy

VP Engineering Resource Planning

Zoltan joined NNG in 2007 as a developer. A growth mindset, coupled with a broad range of experience in different development fields, allowed him to swiftly rise through the ranks to Head of Specialist Teams, and then to Chief Engineer in 2016. Zoltan brings a developer’s eyes to product strategy and, being versed in a variety of development methodologies, is able to leverage significant


Roger Huang


Roger is Regional Sales Leader for the Asia Pacific region. A leading sales figures in the Chinese in-car navigation market, he leverages over 10-years’ experience in sales, product, and program management. With the development and support of an extended network of key local decision makers, Roger is responsible for guiding NNG’s sales and business development throughout China and Southeast


Miklós Tomcsányi

Regional Sales Leader for EMEA1

Miklós is responsible for NNG’s Sales organization in EMEA. Based in Germany he also leads the subsidiary NNG Germany GmbH. Miklós builds on a strong technical and business background and 17 years of connectivity, software, and automotive experience in various engineering, sales, and management roles. He builds on the pillars people, business, and technology in his customer and business oriented


Gonen Vardi

CEO, SheeldS Automotive Cybersecurity, part of NNG Group

Gonen has 14+ years of experience in Sales and Business Leadership including complex strategic project management in the areas of cyber security and enterprise businesses software. Prior to entering the private sector, Gonen served as a member of the Israeli Defense Force.



我们的足迹遍及全球,始终致力于为世界顶尖的大型汽车公司开发新一代导航和信息娱乐系统。我们与首屈一指的地图和内容供应商合作,努力为更多国家人们的生活带来改善。我们的地图覆盖 190 多个国家,技术兼容 50 门语言,拥有 12 家公司和 4 家办事处,遍布 6 大洲,拥有近 1000 名员工,来自世界的每一个角落。“多元化”是我们始终秉承的核心理念之一 – 无论是我们的合作伙伴、产品销售地、雇佣的员工还是所做的工作,多元化的理念贯穿始终。我们的发展战略备受赞誉,这使我们成为 2014 年欧洲成长最为迅速的公司。


2015: Mobility India Award

Automotive Navigation Provider of the Year

2014: Stevie Awards

2014 International Business Awards - Bronze Stevie - Fastest Growing Company in North America

2014: Stevie Awards

2014 International Business Awards - Gold Stevie - Fastest Growing Company in Europe

2014: Fujitsu Ten Limited

Certificate of Appreciation for Excellent Engineering Development

2014: European Business Awards

Growth Strategy of the Year

2012 World Finance 100

Groundbreaking achievements in the global navigation industry

2012 Office of the Year in Hungary

XXI. Innovation Grand Prize in Hungary

Recognized for the iGO Automotive Navigation Solution

2009: Deloitte Technology Fast 50

"Rising Stars" Category - "A leading technology company"

2008: Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Most Dynimically Developing IT Company in Central Europe



NNG 成立,创始人是 2 位以色列商人和 4 位来自移动游戏行业的匈牙利程序员。他们的目标并不宏伟,只是想让导航更加易用和有趣。


在汉诺威 CeBIT 博览会上,我们推出自主研发的 iGO 导航软件,此款软件可将全欧洲地图收录到一张 1 GB 的 SD 卡中。我们作为后起之秀,为导航领域带来了无比的震撼。这是一个刷新历史的时刻 – 无论是对我们,还是对整个行业都是如此。我们开始进军 PND 和智能手机市场,虽然有些不合常规以及不可思议,但我们始终坚持创新,并在此后推出了业内首款 3D 导航设备。




我们与众多主机Tier1供应商和 汽车制造商 开展合作,共同为改善核心驾驶体验和车内设备连接贡献一份力量。最大限度发掘“汽车-电话-人”生态系统的无限潜力,这是我们此时的重点研究方向。我们的解决方案现已应用于 30 多个汽车品牌,并且我们已与 10 家世界顶尖汽车制造厂商中的 7 家达成了合作。– 查看案例研究


我们着眼于 HMI 和车载信息娱乐技术的未来 – 从概念构建到实行并贯穿车辆的整个生命周期。


用心经营自己的事业,是我们不断进步的基石。无论在商业世界还是现实世界,我们均不辱使命,无愧于心。我们与众多志愿者和非政府组织项目开展合作,向身处困难的人伸出援手。我们可以很自豪地说,目前为止,NNG 员工志愿献血的总量已挽救了 10,000 多人的生命。 

我们也将为培养新一代程序员贡献自己的力量。我们尤其鼓励年轻女性加入编程行业,填补 IT 业女性成员的空缺。

与 NNG 合作


我们首先是导航软件解决方案的供应商。这使 汽车制造商 和主机Tier1供应商可以完全控制开发过程,并将自己的品牌推广给消费者。


我们不绑定任何一个系统或供应商。在 NNG,我们与世界各地的地图和数据供应商合作。这为建立最适合您需求的解决方案,赋予了自由。也能确保为任何市场和任何汽车市场定制您的产品。

NNG 一直都在

我们对您在信息娱乐系统的整个生命周期中的需求进行全程管理。研究、原型设计、开发、交付、更新及支持 – 从概念构建到实行,我们在车辆的整个生命周期中伴随您左右。


我们将娱乐信息生态系统作为一个实体来管理,并提供已深度集成到汽车系统、导航或综合连接服务的解决方案。我们的 ADAS 和 HMI 系统提供综合通讯以提升驾驶体验。


我们引擎的灵活性使我们的开发,客制化以及变更解决方案变得快速有效。 这不仅仅体现在我们可以帮助合作伙伴降低开发成本,更重要的是,我们可以使产品更加迅速的投入市场。